Saudi court sentences Arab resident to one year for document forgery

An Arab resident was recently sentenced to one year in prison by a Saudi court for faking a document indicating completion of higher education. The Public Prosecution made a statement underlining the breach of the Penal Law for Forgery Crimes, which led to the delivery of this verdict.

An inquiry by the Public Prosecution's Crimes against Public Trust unit found that the person had attempted to forge a degree certificate. The goal of this fake was to obtain a license to practice engineering. The accused specifically employed forgery to claim a civil engineering degree from a school in his own country.

Upon his arrest and subsequent referral to the competent court, the individual faced trial and was ultimately convicted. The court's ruling reflects the seriousness of the offense and underscores the legal consequences of engaging in such fraudulent activities.

In response to this case, the Public Prosecution issued a stern warning to individuals contemplating similar acts of deception. It emphasized that any attempt to tamper with or falsify certificates would not go unpunished and would result in criminal accountability.

This sentencing serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the integrity of educational credentials and professional qualifications. It reaffirms the commitment of Saudi authorities to combating fraud and ensuring the credibility of academic and professional certifications.

By swiftly prosecuting cases of forgery and deception, the Saudi legal system seeks to uphold justice and protect public trust. Such measures aim to deter individuals from engaging in fraudulent practices that undermine the integrity of institutions and pose risks to public safety and welfare.

Ultimately, this case underscores the gravity of forging official documents and the severe repercussions that perpetrators may face under the law. It sends a clear message that attempts to deceive authorities through fraudulent means will be met with legal consequences.

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