Saudi Arabia condemns Gaza assault, urges UN action to cease violence

Saudi Arabia has issued a grave warning concerning the assault on Rafah in the Gaza Strip, which serves as a last refuge for hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced by Israeli aggression. The Kingdom firmly denounces and condemns the forced displacement of these vulnerable individuals.

Reiterating its call for an immediate ceasefire, Saudi Arabia emphasizes that the persistent violation of international law and humanitarian principles highlights the urgent need for the United Nations Security Council to promptly convene. The objective is to prevent Israel from precipitating an imminent humanitarian catastrophe, with accountability resting on all those who support the aggression.

The assault on Rafah in the Gaza Strip has drawn significant concern from Saudi Arabia due to its role as a sanctuary for displaced civilians. This attack comes amid ongoing Israeli aggression, exacerbating an already dire situation for those seeking refuge in the region.

In response to these developments, Saudi Arabia has taken a firm stance against the forced displacement of civilians, condemning such actions as a flagrant violation of international norms and humanitarian principles. The Kingdom emphasizes the significance of upholding the rights and dignity of those who have suffered from conflict, particularly in places like Rafah where vulnerable populations seek safety and security.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has urged for an immediate cessation of hostilities in order to prevent further harm to civilians and mitigate the risk of a humanitarian crisis. The Kingdom emphasizes the need for international intervention, calling on the United Nations Security Council to convene urgently to address the escalating situation in Rafah and the wider Gaza Strip.

In light of these developments, Saudi Arabia reaffirms its dedication to supporting initiatives for a peaceful resolution of the conflict and aiding those who have suffered due to violence. The Kingdom stands ready to engage with the international community to address the root causes of the crisis and alleviate the suffering of civilians in Rafah and beyond.

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