Saudi Arabia: Over 18,900 arrested in residency, labor operations last week

In its ongoing efforts to combat residency, labor, and security breaches, Saudi Arabia has undertaken a robust crackdown, resulting in the arrest of more than 18,900 individuals over the course of the past week.

The Ministry of Interior announced these developments through a social media post, revealing a total of 18,901 apprehensions made by various security agencies across the Kingdom between February 1 and 7.

These arrests encompass a wide array of offenses, with the majority consisting of 11,419 cases related to residency violations. Additionally, 4,533 individuals were apprehended for breaching border security regulations, while 2,949 cases were linked to violations of labor laws.

In addition to targeting individuals attempting to circumvent residency and labor regulations within the Kingdom, Saudi authorities also intercepted 1,051 individuals who were trying to illegally cross the country's borders. The severity of such transgressions is underscored by the legal consequences, as those found aiding illegal entry face stringent penalties, including a 15-year prison term and fines of up to SR1 million ($267,000).

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is actively managing the cases of 57,253 individuals implicated in various residency, border security, and labor law violations. In these cases, 50,258 individuals have been referred to their respective embassies to facilitate the procurement of necessary travel documents. Additionally, 2,297 individuals have been directed for further administrative processing, while 10,433 individuals have already been deported as part of the enforcement measures.

This comprehensive crackdown underscores Saudi Arabia's commitment to upholding its residency, labor, and security regulations. By taking decisive action against violators and enforcing stringent penalties, the Kingdom aims to safeguard its borders, maintain law and order, and protect the rights of its residents. Such measures are essential for promoting security and stability within the country while upholding the integrity of its legal framework.

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