Saudi Arabia sets Regulation Suspending Government Services Amid Ramadan

Monday marked the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia, and with it came the implementation of the Regulation for Suspending Government Services. In the event that essential government services are temporarily or permanently suspended, this rule is in place to protect citizens and companies from harm.

As It incorporates provisions aimed at protecting the rights of all parties involved and fostering compliance and adherence to regulations. Implementation of the regulation is facilitated through specific procedures and frameworks established within government agencies, utilizing platforms such as Absher Individuals and Businesses and the Muqeem portal.

According to the regulation, government services can only be suspended after a grace period is provided for rectifying any violations. Additionally, services related to essential sectors such as healthcare, education, employment, commercial registration, and documentation cannot be suspended in a manner that adversely affects the beneficiary or their dependents. Suspension of services must be supported by legal documentation and can only occur following the expiration of the grace period.

The regulation outlines a structured three-phase process for suspending services, with each phase having a predetermined duration. The first and second phases are set at 15 days each, with the option for extension by an additional 15 days. The duration of the third phase is determined by the statutory document for suspension submitted by the requesting government authority. In cases where the reason for suspending services is resolved, the relevant government entity is mandated to lift the suspension within 24 hours.

The Regulation to Suspend Government Services during Ramadan underscores the kingdom's commitment to ensuring the welfare of its citizens and residents during this holy month. By providing provisions to safeguard the rights of individuals and businesses, the regulation seeks to minimize disruptions while upholding the principles of justice and fairness. This initiative reflects Saudi Arabia's proactive approach to governance, promoting transparency, accountability, and adherence to legal procedures in all administrative matters.

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