Saudi Ministry launches national plan to preserve cultural heritage assets

The Ministry of Culture has initiated the national plan project, a significant endeavor aimed at collecting, documenting, archiving, and managing various facets of cultural heritage within Saudi Arabia.

This project, housed within the Saudi Cultural Memory Center, constitutes a pivotal national initiative designed to safeguard the diverse tapestry of Saudi cultural heritage. It seeks to construct a comprehensive repository of Saudi culture, encompassing both tangible and intangible cultural assets, crucial for nurturing the national identity.

Central to this initiative is the development of a national plan, which serves as a guiding framework to delineate the processes for documenting, archiving, preserving, and disseminating the fundamental elements of cultural heritage across the Kingdom. Through meticulous inventorying and assessment of ongoing efforts, the center aims to chart a roadmap that effectively captures the essence of Saudi cultural heritage.

The Ministry collaborates closely with stakeholders from within the cultural sphere and beyond, engaging with diverse cultural dimensions and individuals to identify and celebrate the roots of cultural heritage. Conducting workshops and fostering community participation from various regions of the Kingdom are integral components of this inclusive approach, fostering a collective endeavor to safeguard the Kingdom's cultural legacy.

Established in February 2021, the Saudi Cultural Memory Center underscores the Ministry's commitment to preserving and managing cultural heritage. Its mandate extends to formulating strategies and policies for archival preservation, managing digital repositories, and bolstering the cultural heritage sector within the Kingdom.

The launch of the national plan project signifies a significant stride in the Ministry's broader efforts to cultivate digital cultural content and establish a credible knowledge repository for Saudi cultural heritage. By laying the groundwork for the preservation and continued appreciation of cultural heritage, these initiatives pave the way for a future where cultural heritage thrives and endures.

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