Qatar: New Radars to Track Seat Belt and Phone Use Violations Sep 3rd

According to the Ministry of Interior, the computerized traffic systems will include 24-hour observation.

Automated Monitoring for Traffic Violations to Begin in Qatar

The Ministry of Interior has announced that Qatar's General Directorate of Traffic will soon implement an automated monitoring system for traffic violations. Commencing on September 3, 2023.

Seat Belt and Mobile Phone Violations

As This technological advancement is aimed at curbing dangerous driving behaviors. Specifically, the new system will focus on detecting violations related to seat belt usage and mobile phone usage while driving.

Informing Motorists Through Social Media

The ministry utilized social media, specifically the platform X (formerly known as Twitter), to inform motorists about the upcoming change. A video was shared detailing how radar systems will effectively monitor drivers' adherence to seat belt laws and their usage of mobile phones while driving. Notably, this monitoring will be conducted 24/7.

Radar Systems in Action

Motorists are being strongly urged to comply with traffic rules and regulations in order to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of others on the road. The introduction of this automated monitoring system underscores the Qatari government's commitment to road safety and minimizing hazardous driving practices.

Urging Compliance for Collective Safety In light of this upcoming development, motorists are being strongly encouraged to adhere to traffic rules and regulations. This collective effort to comply with road safety measures is not only crucial for the individual driver's well-being but also for safeguarding the lives of fellow road users.

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