Qatar announces plans to nationalize private sector jobs through legal amendment

Qatar is considering a transformative shift in its employment landscape by contemplating changes to nationalize specific roles in the private sector.

Qatar contemplates job nationalization in the private sector.

The Ministry of Labour has shed light on the key aspects of the draft law aimed at job nationalization, following the esteemed approval of the bill by the Council of Ministers and its subsequent referral to the Shura Council.

Alignment with Qatar National Vision 2030

This proposed legislation is intricately aligned with the ambitious Qatar National Vision 2030, a strategic roadmap emphasizing human development through substantial investments, creating employment opportunities, and facilitating training for all citizens. It reflects a commitment to advancing the nation's workforce and fostering a thriving economic environment.

Ministry’s Strategy for Workforce Participation

The draft law also corresponds with the Ministry of Labour's strategic objectives to boost the active participation of the national workforce in private sector entities. By enhancing job fields and opportunities within the National Manpower Affairs Program, the legislation aims to harness the full potential of qualified national talents.

Objectives of the Draft Law

The Ministry clarified that the new law seeks to achieve several objectives, including making the labor market more appealing to the national workforce, increasing the capacity of companies to attract and absorb citizens, stimulating greater participation of Qataris in the private sector, and ensuring job stability for national personnel during their employment tenure.

Development of professional skills

The goal of the law is to address the need for skilled workers in the job market by encouraging the national workforce to increase their professional abilities. Businesses in the private sector are urged to aggressively seek out and hire men and women.

Ministry's Empowerment and Incentives

The draft law grants the Ministry of Labor the authority to provide incentives, facilities, and privileges. This includes facilitating the pursuit of university studies for citizens in coordination with relevant authorities to fill positions in the private sector. The appointment, under this law, is limited to Qatari men and women, specifically in leadership and specialized roles, while also emphasizing the qualification and training of the national workforce for leadership positions in the private sector.

As Qatar explores this legislative avenue, the envisioned changes aim to not only meet immediate labor market needs but also contribute significantly to the long-term vision of a robust and thriving national workforce.

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