An Emirati court obligates a girl to pay 6,000 dirhams due to insults on WhatsApp

As a result of a message that a Gulf girl sent to her friend over WhatsApp, in which she used profanity to characterize a young male, the friend was referred to court on allegations of insulting the Gulf girl.

Material compensation

A civil court of first instance ordered that the accused should be required to pay him 6,000 dirhams as compensation for the moral damage he suffered. The Ras Al Khaimah Court of Appeal ruled that the accused should be fined 3,000 dirhams "because she insulted the victim."

To provide further information, the young man filed a lawsuit in which he demanded that the first and second defendants be obligated to pay financial compensation for the moral and psychological damages he suffered in the amount of 10,000 dirhams. The lawsuit was based on the claim that the first defendant insulted him via WhatsApp, and that the second defendant referred to him as a "monkey." When they were communicating with one another.

The second defendant was convicted by a criminal ruling

Additionally, he stated that he had a disagreement with the initial defendant, but he reserved his right to seek redress against her in a subsequent action. The agent of the defendant contended that the complaint was not accepted since it was filed against an individual who lacked the competence to legally represent themselves.

It was affirmed by the court that it was established that the second defendant was convicted with a final criminal ruling because she accused the plaintiff of employing a method that involved information technology. As a result, the court is not allowed to violate the criminal order, and it is required to comply to it. Furthermore, the criminal ruling served as the legal foundation for both the civil and criminal lawsuits.

She said that the ruling made a decision that was definitive and final about the occurrence of the act of insulting someone by publishing it on social media, and as a result, it is illegal for the court to re-examine and address it, taking into consideration the gravity of the ruling.

Her argument was that it is still up to her to determine the amount of compensation that should be awarded for the harm that was caused to the plaintiff as a result of that crime.

She made the point that it was demonstrated in the documents that the plaintiff wanted compensation for the action of the second defendant, which consisted of insulting him by calling him "al-Sabbal," with the intention of describing him as a monkey in a letter to the first defendant. She emphasized that this action was confirmed to have occurred. The plaintiff had suffering as a result of this, and it is considered to be harm for which the perpetrator is required to compensate, and the court is responsible for determining the amount of compensation. Having a value of 6,000 dirhams in total.

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