Kuwaiti authority seized Over 500 psychotropic pills, 6kg drugs

In an effort to combat drug-related issues and ensure the safety of its residents, Kuwait's General Directorate of Security Relations and Media has reaffirmed its commitment to actively monitor and identify individuals involved in narcotics-related activities. This statement serves as a strong reminder that Kuwait's authorities are dedicated to maintaining a vigilant stance against drug trafficking and abuse within the country.

Major Drug Bust in Kuwait

In a significant crackdown on narcotics-related activities, Kuwaiti authorities have apprehended 16 individuals of various nationalities, confiscating a substantial quantity of illicit substances, weapons, and ammunition. These arrests come as part of Kuwait's ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking and addiction within the country.

Narcotics Seizure and Arrests

The General Administration for Narcotics Control in Kuwait conducted a series of operations leading to the seizure of 6.2 kilograms of various narcotic substances, including 550 psychotropic pills.

Additionally, two weapons, a cache of ammunition, and a substantial amount of cash were confiscated from the suspects. These operations have resulted in charges being filed against the accused in 13 separate cases.

Intent to Traffic Narcotics

Upon their arrest, the individuals admitted to possessing the illegal substances with the intent to distribute them. This revelation underscores the seriousness of their involvement in drug-related activities and the potential harm they could have inflicted on society.

Public Cooperation Encouraged

Kuwait's authorities are committed to curbing the drug trade and have called on the public to actively cooperate in these efforts. To facilitate this, Kuwaiti residents have been provided with essential contact information. An emergency number, 112, has been made available for immediate assistance, while the General Administration for Drug Control can be reached at 1884141 for reporting any suspicious activities related to narcotics.

General Directorate of Security Relations and Media

The General Directorate of Security Relations and Media has reiterated its determination to combat drug-related issues within Kuwait. They have expressed their vigilance in identifying and apprehending individuals involved in narcotics activities, signaling their dedication to creating a safer and drug-free environment for residents.

This recent operation and the subsequent arrests send a strong message that Kuwait will not tolerate drug trafficking or abuse within its borders. By encouraging public participation and cooperation, Kuwait's authorities are taking proactive steps to address this critical issue and protect the well-being of its citizens.

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