Kuwait introduces New requirement for expats before travelling

Expatriates leaving Kuwait now face a new mandate from the Ministry of Interior, which requires clearing all outstanding debts before departure is obligatory.

Kuwait Imposes Debt Clearance for Expats Leaving the Country

Starting from September 6, authorities will initiate the collection of debts owed by foreign nationals to the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Communications before allowing them to leave Kuwait.

The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior has directed government agencies to collaborate in the effort to recover debts owed by expatriates to the state. This move is part of a broader initiative to ensure that foreign residents fulfill their financial obligations to the government before exiting the country.

Foreign nationals can settle their dues through the Ministry of Communications' website or the 'Sahl' mobile application. Additionally, the Ministry of Interior has emphasized the importance of adhering to established legal provisions and not violating them. Failure to clear outstanding debts may result in the state taking measures to maintain security and public order within the country.

The Ministry of Interior's official app

Previously, the Interior Ministry issued an advisory in August, stating that expatriates planning to leave Kuwait must first settle any outstanding traffic violations. These penalties can be paid through the Ministry of Interior's official app or electronic portal, as well as at designated offices affiliated with the General Traffic Department. Payment facilities are also available at collection points in Kuwait International Airport and other land and sea ports.

Furthermore, foreign nationals are required to clear their electricity and water bills using online platforms such as MEW-PAY or the Sahel mobile app. Alternatively, they can visit the customer service office at the T4 terminal of Kuwait International Airport for bill settlement.

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