Imposing a new document and electronic system for all arrivals to Europe

In order to improve border security, Europe is preparing to introduce a new system for all visitors to the Schengen region beginning in 2024. In line with the principles of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (Esta), the European Union will impose a mandatory document for travel within the Schengen region beginning in 2024.

Each traveler will be able to undergo a security check to determine whether or not they are allowed to enter one of the 33 countries in the Schengen region thanks to the European Commission's ESTA, an electronic permission rather than a visa.

Any application for an entry visa will result in a fresh application for a travel permit. This document is attached to the traveler's passport and is valid for up to three years or until their passport expires.
Get their Etias online
Visitors will be permitted entry into European nations with a valid travel document, and they can quickly and easily pick up their Etias online.Adults must carry their passport, a bank card to pay 7 euros, and the system enables European nations to undertake checks in conjunction with both EU and Interpol databases.The national ETIAS unit of the member state will be in charge of everything, including the issuing of a travel permit following an interview. However, having one will only give that state authority over the airport and not 100% entrance into European territory

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