Dubai Public Transport Records Over 2 Million Passengers on NYE

On December 31, 2023, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai reported a significant utilization of public transportation, with a total of 2,288,631 passengers availing various modes of transit on New Year's Eve.

Breakdown of Passenger Numbers:

The city of Dubai experienced a surge in public transportation usage, with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recording a total of 2,288,631 passengers availing of various transit options. This robust participation in public transit highlighted the efficiency and popularity of Dubai's transportation infrastructure during significant events.

  • Dubai Metro (Red and Green Lines): The metro system played a crucial role in transporting passengers, accommodating 974,416 riders on both the Red and Green lines.

  • Tram: The Tram witnessed a ridership of 56,208 individuals.

  • Public Buses: Buses operated by the RTA lifted 401,510 passengers.

  • Marine Transport: Various marine transport means contributed to the overall transit, ferrying 97,261 passengers.

  • E-hail Vehicles: The utilization of E-hail vehicles, a modern mode of transportation, served 167,051 riders.

  • Shared Transport Vehicles: Shared transport was chosen by 1,316 individuals.

  • Taxis: Taxis remained a popular choice for many, with 590,869 passengers opting for this mode of transportation.

The RTA emphasized that the success of the New Year's Eve transportation plan was the result of meticulous coordination with various entities in Dubai. This collaboration ensured a smooth and safe journey for passengers traveling to and from New Year's Eve celebration venues. Overall, the substantial ridership numbers underscored the effectiveness of Dubai's public transportation system in meeting the dynamic demands of a major festive occasion.

The robust participation across different transportation modes underscores the effectiveness of Dubai's public transportation system in meeting the diverse needs of residents and visitors during significant events. The RTA's commitment to providing a safe and efficient transit experience aligns with Dubai's reputation for excellence in infrastructure and service delivery.

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