Saudi Arabia: RCRC Launches Construction of Al-Uruba Park in Riyadh

The Board of Directors of the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) has announced the commencement of construction for Al-Uruba Park, a significant component of the ‘Green Riyadh’ program, aimed at enhancing the city's environmental landscape.

Spanning an extensive area of 754,000 square meters, the park will boast the planting of over 600,000 trees and shrubs, encompassing 65 percent of the park's total expanse.

Strategically located at the junction of Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Al-Awwal Road and Al-Urubah Road, the park's accessibility aims to enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors alike, providing a recreational haven within Riyadh. With a vision to transform Riyadh into one of the world's most sustainable cities, the park's development aligns with the commission's mission to elevate urban living standards.

Embracing an innovative design concept adhering to international standards, the park's layout was chosen through a rigorous selection process, involving six international competitors. The chosen design incorporates a three-kilometer panoramic pathway, offering stunning vistas of the cityscape, while integrating modern technologies for an interactive visitor experience utilizing augmented reality.

Central to the park's design are permanent water features, including the Laysen Valley, complemented by a 14-kilometer walking trail, verdant terraces, open-air theaters, and sports facilities catering to diverse age groups. These elements aim to foster community engagement and cultural exchange, providing spaces for events, festivals, and leisure activities.

The ‘Green Riyadh’ program, of which Al-Uruba Park is a vital component, is committed to extensive afforestation initiatives across residential neighborhoods, streets, mosques, schools, and public spaces. By focusing on urban greening efforts, the program seeks to fulfill the objectives outlined in the Green Saudi Initiative and Vision 2030, aiming to plant 7.5 million trees in Riyadh alone, significantly increasing green space coverage and enhancing the city's livability and environmental sustainability.

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