Abu Dhabi announces new System for Automatic Travel Ban Lifting and Fund Release

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has unveiled a revolutionary system, marking a significant milestone as the first of its kind not only in the UAE but also in the broader region.

This innovative system is designed to instantly track and cancel all judicial enforcement decisions upon the prompt fulfillment of required payments.

Abu Dhabi's Innovative Enforcement Decision System

The newly adopted system operates with remarkable efficiency, closely monitoring the payment status of respondents. Upon the completion of the necessary payments, the system automatically cancels the original decision. This streamlined process eliminates the cumbersome task of individuals having to gather documents as proof of payment and subsequent cancellation. Notably, the entire process unfolds seamlessly without requiring the involvement of enforcement officers or judges.

Seamless Resolution for Travel Bans

In cases where travel bans are imposed due to non-payment, respondents can effortlessly download a copy of the cancellation decision through a smart app. This digital document empowers them to proceed with travel procedures, with the soft copy serving as tangible evidence.

Handling Arrest Warrants and Seizure Orders

For cases involving arrest warrants due to non-payment or the imposition of seizure orders on deposits and bank accounts due to a failure in payment, respondents can present a physical copy of the cancellation decision. This straightforward presentation ensures the lifting of the imposed decision, contributing to a smooth resolution process.

Automated notifications and digital updates

The innovative system transcends mere cancellation facilitation by incorporating automated notifications. Through an internally built digital system, judges and officers receive timely updates on follow-ups and the monitoring of the respondent's case. This digital integration enhances communication and transparency within the judicial process.

Efficiency and User-Friendly Approach

Beyond expediting the resolution of enforcement decisions, this groundbreaking approach prioritizes user convenience. By seamlessly integrating technology into the judicial system, the UAE aims to streamline legal processes, minimize administrative burdens, and ensure a more efficient and accessible legal framework for its citizens. The adoption of such cutting-edge systems reflects a commitment to innovation and modernization within the realm of judicial proceedings.

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