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Imran Khan Officially Indicted for Leaking Classified Documents
asmaa - 7 months

On Monday, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has been in detention for several months, was formally accused with leaking sensitive government secrets.

17 trucks deliver aid to Gaza amid Israeli bombardment from Egypt
asmaa - 7 months

For the second consecutive day, trucks loaded with essential aid crossed the Rafah border passage on Sunday, transferring much-needed supplies to the beleaguered and war-torn Gaza Strip.

First Humanitarian Aid Convoy Enters Gaza Through Rafah Border
asmaa - 7 months

Two weeks into the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Gaza Strip finally receives its first humanitarian aid convoy through the Rafah border. This development is critical, as it aims to alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis in the region. Egyptian...

Biden: Israel Permits Humanitarian Aid Flow from Egypt into Gaza
asmaa - 7 months

On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden revealed that Israel has approved the transfer of humanitarian aid into Gaza via Egypt. This deal, however, is contingent upon the aid being inspected and going to civilians rather than Hamas terrorists.

Six French Airports Evacuated Due to Threats of Attack
asmaa - 7 months

Six airports in France faced evacuations due to emailed "threats of attack," as French authorities worked to determine the credibility of the warnings. The safety of passengers and airport personnel was the top priority.

UAE: Gazans Left Without Safety Amid UN Rejection of Ceasefire
asmaa - 7 months

Civilians in Gaza are once again facing a "ruinous war with nowhere safe to go," as the UAE expressed deep concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the region.

Dubai-India Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Karachi
asmaa - 7 months

During the course of its voyage, an Air India Express flight that was traveling from Dubai to Amritsar was unexpectedly confronted with a medical emergency, which required the crew to take prompt action.

Israel-Palestine conflict: Hamas Reports 9 Hostage Deaths in 24 Hours
asmaa - 7 months

The escalating conflict in the Middle East has led to a surge in casualties, with the death toll surpassing 3,500 as hostilities persist.

Israel orders evacuation of 1.1Mn civilians from Gaza within 24 hours
asmaa - 7 months

As tensions continued to escalate in the Gaza Strip, Israel's military issued a call for the evacuation of more than one million civilians in Gaza City within 24 hours. The move came as Israel gathered tanks near the Gaza Strip, hinting at a...

London Luton Airport Suspends All Flights Due to Major Fire
asmaa - 7 months

Five individuals, including four firefighters and an airport employee, were hospitalized as a result of the significant fire at London's Luton Airport. Their injuries necessitated medical attention, and they were admitted to the hospital for...

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Death Toll 2,200 as Biden Condemns Hamas
asmaa - 7 months

The Israel-Palestine conflict has entered its fifth day, causing concern and action across the globe as foreign governments grapple with the safety and well-being of their citizens, many of whom are caught in the crossfire. As the death toll...

2 Filipinos Killed in Hamas Attacks Amid Israel-Palestine conflict
asmaa - 7 months

Two Filipinos have tragically lost their lives in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants, with the possibility of a third victim pending DNA test results. The circumstances surrounding their deaths serve as grim reminders of...

Israel-Palestine Conflict: 1,200 Dead, Gaza Under "Complete Siege"
asmaa - 7 months

The recent Israel-Hamas conflict, triggered by a surprise attack by Hamas militants on Israeli communities along the Gaza frontier, has had significant repercussions.

Oil prices increased by 4% amidst the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict
asmaa - 7 months

The Palestinian militant organization Hamas began an assault on Israel on many fronts early on Saturday morning, which coincided with a significant Jewish festival.

Fourth Bahraini soldier dies in Saudi-Yemen border attack
asmaa - 7 months

A devastating attack near the Saudi-Yemen border has claimed the life of a fourth Bahraini soldier, intensifying concerns over the escalating conflict with Houthi rebels. As This attack follows closely on the heels of an assault that resulted in the...

Philippines President refuses proposal to reduce rice tariffs
asmaa - 7 months

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. rejected a proposal to reduce import taxes on rice, citing the expected drop in rice prices worldwide. A decision was reached at a gathering of the country's economic and agricultural representatives,...

Kenya President Calls for Debt Restructuring and Climate Action
asmaa - 8 months

Kenya's President, William Ruto, has addressed the UN General Assembly in New York, calling for a proactive approach to debt restructuring by developed countries. He emphasized that meaningful action on climate change and development cannot...

UAE Travel Disrupted as Oman Airline Suspends Flights to India
asmaa - 8 months

SalamAir, Oman's budget airline, has announced that it will suspend its flights to and from India starting from October 1, 2023.

Mumbai International Airport to temporarily close runways on October
asmaa - 8 months

Two of Mumbai International Airport's runways, RWY 09/27 and RWY 14/32, have been temporarily closed, according to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport's announcement.

US grants temporary residence, work permits to 500,000 Venezuelans
asmaa - 8 months

The US government has announced a significant move to help Venezuelans residing in the United States due to the worsening conditions in their home country.

Oil Prices Experience Volatility Amid Russian Fuel Export Ban
asmaa - 8 months

Oil prices maintained their strength due to ongoing concerns about tight global supply. This support for prices is driven by several factors, including production cuts by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies,...

Urgent Libya: Floods kill thousands, leaving 10,000 missing
asmaa - 8 months

Libya is reeling from a catastrophic flood that has left a staggering toll of casualties, with reports suggesting that the number of fatalities has surpassed several thousand, potentially exceeding 5,000, as of Tuesday evening.

Philippines suspended implementation of new travel Guidelines
asmaa - 8 months

A senator has voiced concerns that some of the requirements outlined in the revised travel guidelines for Filipinos are overly "prohibitive." One such requirement cited is the affidavit of support and guarantee, which Filipinos would need...

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Morocco, Kills More Than 600 People
asmaa - 8 months

An earthquake that struck Morocco at about 11 p.m. local time on Friday killed 630 people and injured 329 others. Rescue workers were looking for survivors of a strong earthquake that struck the Atlas Mountains, some 50 miles from Marrakesh.

Global statistics confirm that Corona is striking again
Abdallah Shahin - 8 months

The discussion around the resurgence of the Corona pandemic is not an instance of hyperbole or alarmism, but rather a reflection of the factual situation as evidenced by statistical data released by the World Health Organisation. The organizationally...

Urgent Saudi Arabia: capsules for sleep, rest and relaxation for passengers at King Khalid International Airpo
Abdallah Shahin - 9 months

"Sleeping capsules" are a new amenity offered by King Khalid International Airport to travellers. An amazing service that provides travellers with luxury at the airports of Riyadh

Agreement on the return of Syria to the League of Arab States
ahmed atef - 9 months

The spokeswoman for the Arab League has verified that Arab foreign ministers have agreed to allow Syria to regain its seat in the organization.