A Huge Fire Engulfs Indonesian Ammunition Depot; No Casualties Reported

A significant fire erupted at a military ammunition facility in Bekasi, just outside Jakarta, causing explosions and emitting thick smoke into the sky. While the blaze originated in an area designated for expired ammunition storage, there were no reported fatalities, according to military spokesperson Mohammad Hasan.

A massive fire broke out at a military ammunition facility in Bekasi, just outside Jakarta, causing explosions and sending thick plumes of smoke into the sky. The incident occurred in an area designated for storing expired ammunition, raising concerns about the potential chemical instability of the materials. Despite the intensity of the blaze, there were no reported fatalities, as confirmed by military spokesperson Mohammad Hasan.

The incident prompted concerns about the instability of chemicals within the expired ammunition, potentially leading to fire initiation. Videos from local media showcased intense flames and smoke billowing from the site, accompanied by loud explosions audible from afar.

Despite the efforts of firefighters and paramedics, the blaze persisted, preventing them from approaching the scene safely. The outbreak of the fire, marked by a loud explosion at approximately 6:30 p.m. local time, startled residents, with some mistaking it for an earthquake.

Authorities, including army official Kristomei Sianturi, initiated evacuations in nearby neighborhoods as a precautionary measure. The cause of the fire remained undetermined at the time of reporting, prompting warnings for residents to refrain from handling any potentially hazardous debris ejected by the explosions.

The incident underscored the risks associated with the storage and handling of ammunition, particularly when dealing with expired materials prone to chemical instability. Updates on the situation continued to unfold as firefighters battled to contain the flames and mitigate further risks to surrounding areas.

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