Urgent Riyadh: The launch of the third phase of "Riyadh Buses" and a new price system

The Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh launched the third phase of the "Riyadh Buses" service as part of the King Abdulaziz Project for Public Transport in Riyadh.

In the third stage, Route No. 13 will be added to the bus service with a designated lane that already exists on Route No. 11, which runs along King Abdulaziz Road and Salah al-Din Al-Ayyubi Road. This route extends through Khalid bin Al-Waleed Road.

33 tracks were available following the third phase's introduction.

As the project moves forward with the launch of the remaining phases, the total number of "Riyadh Buses" lanes will reach 33 lanes, with 565 buses covering more than 1,611 stations and different stopping points, covering 1,284 km of the network's 1,900 km. This will all be completed before the end of the current calendar year.The goal of the dedicated route bus service is to offer passengers a distinctive transit experience, help to ease traffic congestion, and increase the accuracy, safety, and comfort of passenger transportation around the city.A high degree of accessibility and comfort for all is guaranteed by the dedicated lane bus lane's red markings and the designated lane bus stops' accessibility via pedestrian bridges with escalators.In addition to numerous options for purchasing tickets, which include various prices, cards can be purchased through ticket vending machines at "Riyadh bus" stations or ticket offices. The price of a two-hour ticket costs 4 riyals, a 3-day ticket costs 20 riyals, and a 7-day ticket costs 40 riyals. The price of a 30-day pass is 140 riyals.

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