UAE Visa-Free: 82 Nations Granted 90-Day Visit Privilege

In a significant move to promote tourism and facilitate international travel, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced visa exemptions for passport holders from 82 countries worldwide.

Travelers from these nations now have the privilege to enter the UAE without the need for a prior visa, allowing stays of either 30 days or 90 days, depending on their nationality.

UAE Announces Visa-Free Entry for 82 Nations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided an updated information page for citizens of these countries who plan to visit the UAE for tourism purposes. This page contains relevant details about prior visa exemptions and can be accessed via the official UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Visa-Free Entry for GCC Citizens

Notably, the UAE government recently introduced a new policy, enabling citizens from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to enter the United Arab Emirates without the necessity of obtaining an entry visa or a sponsor. Instead, visitors from these GCC nations can present their passport or ID card upon arrival at entry points in the UAE.

Visa Options: 30 and 90 Days

Upon arrival in the UAE, eligible citizens can acquire an entry visa valid for 30 days. This visa can be extended for an additional 10 days if needed. Travelers from countries outside the GCC can obtain an entry visa for 90 days upon arrival, streamlining the process and eliminating the requirement for prior arrangements.

To access the complete list of nationalities that are exempt from prior entry visa arrangements, you can visit the relevant section on the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Entry with Prior Permission

Citizens of the Republic of India are welcome to enjoy the UAE's tourist-friendly policies with an ordinary passport that is valid for at least six months following the date of arrival. Visitors to the United States need a valid visa or permanent resident card, while residents of the United Kingdom and the European Union need a residence visa valid for at least six months.

Under this arrangement, eligible citizens can obtain an entry visa upon their arrival in the UAE, allowing for a stay of up to 14 days. Furthermore, they have the option to apply for an extension of an additional 14 days.

The UAE's proactive approach to visa exemptions and extensions enhances tourism opportunities, making the country even more welcoming to visitors from around the world.

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