UAE: Top 10 traffic laws and fines when driving in school areas

As educational institutions across the UAE reopened this week after the summer break, the iconic sight of yellow school buses has once again become a common sight on the roads. Parents are adjusting their schedules to drop off their children, while motorists are factoring in the back-to-school traffic during their daily commutes.

School buses return to UAE roads

In school zones, where students, parents, and school employees congregate, safety is of the utmost importance. To guarantee everyone's safety, drivers need to be aware of the unique traffic laws that apply in these areas.

List of Traffic Regulations


School zones typically have speed limits of 30 to 40 km/h. Slowing down around schools is crucial due to the unpredictability of children. Speeding fines in the UAE range from Dh300 to Dh3,000, based on the vehicle's speed.

2. Mobile Phone Use:

Do not use a phone while operating a vehicle. There is a Dh800 fine and four license points associated with answering calls or messages.

3. Distracted Driving:

While driving, stay focused. Refrain from activities like eating, drinking, grooming, or applying makeup. Distracted driving attracts a Dh800 fine and four black points.

4. Parking Violations:

Vehicles must be parked only in designated areas. Improper parking carries a Dh500 fine. Parking on pavements or blocking fire hydrants results in fines of Dh400 and Dh1,000, respectively, along with associated black points.

5. Front Seat Rules:

Children under 10 years of age or shorter than 145 cm are prohibited from sitting in the front seat. A violation leads to a Dh400 fine.

6. Seat Belt Compliance:

Drivers and passengers must wear seat belts. Non-compliance results in a Dh400 fine. The same applies to children under 4 years old who are not secured in car seats.

7. Safe Reversing:

Exercise caution while reversing, especially near schools. Risky reversing incurs a Dh500 fine and four black points.

8. Bus Stop Etiquette:

When school buses extend their 'stop' signs, vehicles must halt within five meters. Failure to do so leads to a Dh1,000 fine and 10 black points.

9. Pedestrian Priority:

Zebra crossings near schools prioritize pedestrians. Not yielding to pedestrians carries a Dh500 fine and six black points.

10. Dangerous Driving:

Dangerous driving that endangers lives attracts a Dh2,000 fine and 23 black points.

Moreover, you should stay mindful of these regulations to ensure the safety of everyone on the roads, especially in and around school zones.

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