UAE reveals Petrol, diesel prices for November 2023

The United Arab Emirates' fuel price committee has made the November 2023 fuel prices public. Several varieties of gasoline will be affected by these new pricing, which will go into effect on November 1st, 2023.

UAE petrol and diesel prices to fall in November

These monthly modifications are in response to the dynamic global oil market and seek to ensure that fuel prices remain reflective of current economic conditions. The November 2023 fuel price changes impact several types of fuel, affecting consumers, businesses, and the overall cost of living in the UAE.

Super 98 Petrol:

For November, the price of Super 98 petrol will be Dh3.03 per liter, marking a noticeable decrease from Dh3.44 in October. This reduction in price is likely to provide some relief to motorists who rely on this premium fuel.

Special 95 Petrol:

Special 95 petrol will cost Dh2.92 per liter in November, down from Dh3.33 in the preceding month. This price adjustment offers savings to a broader range of motorists who opt for this fuel type.

E-Plus 91 Petrol:

E-Plus 91 petrol is set to be priced at Dh2.85 per liter in November, compared to Dh3.26 per liter in October. This reduction in price makes this option more cost-effective for those looking for budget-friendly fuel.


Diesel, a crucial fuel for many sectors, will be available at Dh3.42 per liter in November, down from Dh3.57 in October. This price drop may help reduce operational costs for industries reliant on diesel-powered vehicles and machinery.

These monthly adjustments reflect the UAE's commitment to staying in line with global energy price trends. They also play a vital role in managing and stabilizing the economic impact of fuel prices on consumers and businesses, ensuring a fair and competitive market.

As consumers, businesses, and industries adapt to these changes, they closely monitor the fuel price updates, as they influence transportation costs and overall expenses across the UAE.

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