Sharjah Police Bust International Drug Smuggling Gang Worth Dh14 Mn

In a major operation named 'Unveiling the Curtain,' Sharjah Police's anti-drug forces successfully foiled an international criminal gang's attempt to smuggle narcotics and psychotropic substances into the UAE. The 32-member gang, composed of Asian and Arab nationals, aimed to distribute these illegal substances, with an estimated market value of Dh14 million.

Source of Information

According to Colonel Majid Al Assam, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department for the Sharjah Police, the force has acquired credible information about the existence of this global criminal organization. This tip led law enforcement to the gang's intended drug distribution network in the UAE. The group used sophisticated methods to carry out their mission without being discovered.

Investigation and Operation

Subsequently, the Sharjah Police's anti-narcotic units initiated an investigation and surveillance operation to dismantle the gang. The teams meticulously gathered evidence and conducted around-the-clock monitoring to monitor the gang's activities. During this operation, one group was apprehended with 50 kg of cannabis and 49 liters of liquid crystal.

Interrogation of this group revealed that they received instructions from an overseas contact. Further investigations led to the exposure of an expansive criminal network spanning multiple countries. The gang operated in a decentralized manner, with each group conducting its own activities. A secret warehouse in a neighboring emirate served as their central storage location for illegal substances.

The Sharjah Police successfully apprehended the remaining gang members, seizing more than one million and 170,000 psychotropic pills.

Innovative smuggling techniques

The gang utilized innovative methods to smuggle narcotics. Firstly, they exploited a customs clearance company's services to bring illegal psychotropic substances into the country. Additionally, they concealed liquid crystal narcotics within vehicles entering the UAE.

Collaboration to Foil the Smuggling

The police's efforts to thwart the gang's plans prompted customs authorities to alter some clearance procedures for goods in cooperation with the customs authorities of the UAE. This collaborative approach highlights the government's dedication to fighting narcotics and curbing their spread in the community.

Ongoing Vigilance

The Director of the Narcotics Administration reaffirmed Sharjah Police's commitment to proactively target individuals involved in drug trafficking. They remain vigilant, employing the latest methods and techniques to combat organized crime and keep the community safe.

Community Involvement

Sharjah Police encouraged community members, particularly young people, to play a role in safeguarding society against drug infiltration. They urged individuals to report any suspicious cases by calling 8004654 or emailing [email protected].

This operation underscores the UAE's commitment to combating drug-related crimes and maintaining public safety.

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