UAE Police Issue Dh400 Fine About Not Allowing Vehicles to Overtake

The Abu Dhabi Police Department sends a harsh warning to the public not to violate traffic laws and underlines the serious penalties that will follow if this warning is ignored.

Abu Dhabi Police Remind Motorists to Follow Traffic Rules for Road Safety

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a strong reminder to motorists, urging them to strictly adhere to traffic rules to ensure safety on the roads. The reminder encompasses several key aspects of safe driving.

1. Avoid disturbances on highways.

Motorists have been cautioned against disrupting the flow of traffic on highways. This includes practices such as tailgating, unnecessary honking, and the use of high beams. Such behaviors can distract other drivers, leading to accidents and hazardous situations.

2. Stay in the right lane at slow speeds.

Drivers are encouraged to use the right lane when traveling at slower speeds. This not only facilitates a smoother flow of traffic but also enhances safety on the road. Failure to yield to vehicles with the right of way or obstructing the left overtaking lane can result in a fine of Dh400.

3. Maintain safe following distances

Maintaining a safe distance between vehicles is vital to preventing accidents. Abu Dhabi Police consider inadequate spacing between vehicles a common cause of traffic accidents.

Vehicles caught breaking the law for improper following distances may be impounded. A Dh5,000 release fee is due within three months if you want your impounded vehicle back; otherwise, it will be sold at auction. A fine of Dh400 and the addition of four demerit points to the driver's record are further consequences of the infraction.

Abu Dhabi Police's stringent enforcement of traffic rules underscores their commitment to road safety. Motorists are reminded that responsible and considerate driving not only helps prevent accidents but also contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of the road network. Following traffic regulations is not only a legal obligation but a fundamental aspect of ensuring everyone's well-being on the UAE's roads.

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