UAE offers Up to 35% discount on traffic fines, reduce black points

Many UAE motorists are likely to be concerned about traffic fines and black points. However, there is good news: the UAE's Ministry of Interior (MoI), including Abu Dhabi Police, has implemented steps to assist drivers in obtaining fine reductions and removing black points from their records. Here's how you can take advantage of these initiatives.

Avail Discounts on Traffic Fines

Abu Dhabi Police has launched a campaign to raise awareness among motorists about the opportunity to secure a substantial 35% discount on traffic fines through a payment plan. This campaign, introduced last year, aims to encourage early settlement of fines. A similar scheme exists in Sharjah.

Motorists can enjoy a 35% discount if they pay their fines within 60 days of the offence, and a 25% discount within a year. Note that these discounts do not apply to serious violations. The payment can be divided into interest-free instalments over 12 months through designated banks.

Convenient Payment Channels

The Abu Dhabi Police now offers a wider range of payment choices for moving offenses, including mobile applications from collaborating banks, direct payment through police customer service platforms, and digital channels via the "Tamm" network used by the Abu Dhabi government. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), Mashreq Al Islami, and Emirates Islamic Bank are some of these institutions.

To utilize this service, drivers must hold credit cards issued by the partnering banks. Drivers can contact their bank within two weeks of receiving a fine to request instalment payments. This initiative aims to provide drivers with the flexibility to pay fines throughout the year.

Reduce Black Points

The UAE Ministry of Interior (MoI) has introduced an incentive to reduce negative traffic points on driving licenses. As part of the "accident-free day" initiative on August 28, the first day of the new academic year, motorists who drive safely can have four traffic points deducted from their record.

This precaution is particularly crucial because significant traffic offenses result in the accumulation of negative points, which could eventually result in license suspension after 24 bad points. To take advantage of this campaign, drivers must make a promise on the MoI website to drive safely on the first day of school and to obey traffic laws on August 27.

These initiatives by the UAE's Ministry of Interior reflect the commitment to promoting road safety and providing motorists with avenues to rectify their driving records.

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