UAE Driver Triggers Collision with Last-Minute Lane Change on Highway

In a dramatic incident captured by police cameras, a severe traffic violation unfolded, carrying substantial fines as penalties.

Abu Dhabi Collision

An SUV and pickup truck collided during a fast lane change on a busy Abu Dhabi road. The Abu Dhabi Police's release of the accident's video on Friday highlighted the risks of abrupt lane changes and careless passing.

In the video footage, an orange SUV is seen executing a lane change just as it exits a major road. However, this action was only the beginning of a series of violations.

The Violation Sequence

The driver of the SUV then proceeds to the left lane of a diverging road but, at the last possible moment, shifts to the right, crossing restricted lines. This reckless maneuver results in a violent collision with a pickup truck.

The impact is so forceful that the rear end of the pickup truck is lifted off the ground and swerves sideways, clearly demonstrating the severity of the collision.

Police Advisory

The police in Abu Dhabi have taken this occasion to issue a further harsh warning against unsafe overtaking and lane changes. They emphasize the importance of always ensuring that the road is clear before attempting to overtake or change lanes. They strongly discourage reckless lane changes and stress the need to use the appropriate lane when transitioning to another road.

Sudden lane changes are considered a grave traffic offense, and they carry a substantial fine of Dh1,000, in addition to the imposition of four black points on the driver's record. As for improper overtaking, the penalties start at Dh600 but can go as high as Dh1,000, depending on the severity of the offense.

Road Safety Message

This incident serves as a clear example of the potential risks and consequences of reckless driving behavior on the roads. It underscores the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and exercising caution while driving to ensure the safety of all road users.

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