UAE: Sharjah Police Shuts Al Faya Dunes after off-roading accident kills one

In a move to safeguard the well-being of community members, Sharjah Police has taken a decisive measure by officially closing the Al Faya dunes area in the emirate's central region.

Ensuring community safety

A tragic occurrence occurred on Friday, November 17, in the Al Faya desert, where an off-roading accident claimed the life of one Asian kid and injured another. This action is in response to that incident.

Addressing Non-Compliance with Security Rules

According to the General Command of Sharjah Police, the Al Faya dunes have been closed permanently due to infractions of security regulations. The lives of drivers and anybody else riding shotgun in an illegal off-road vehicle are in jeopardy.

Commander-in-Chief's Perspective

Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, the Head of Sharjah Police, brought attention to the matter, expressing that during holidays, numerous individuals visit desert areas to relish the rainy weather. Among them, young people engage in inappropriate practices on sand hills, resulting in numerous accidents and jeopardizing lives.

Awareness Campaigns to Curb Reckless Driving

In response to the issue of reckless and unlawful driving, especially during holidays, the Sharjah Police Department has initiated various awareness campaigns. Ensuring the safety of families and individuals enjoying recreational visits to the area is our foremost concern. Drivers have been cautioned about the importance of refraining from performing stunts in sandy areas.

A Stern Warning

The decision to enforce a lockdown in Al Faya dunes serves as a stern warning to vehicle owners involved in such activities, urging strict adherence to laws. Community members are strongly encouraged to promptly report any observed dangerous behaviors by dialing the emergency number (999). This collective effort aims to maintain the well-being and safety of everyone participating in recreational activities in these areas.

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