UAE Strongly Condemns Attack on Gaza Hospital Resulting in 500 deaths

The United Arab Emirates has issued a strong condemnation of the Israeli attack on Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip, denouncing the incident that resulted in the deaths and injuries of hundreds of people.

UAE calls for immediate ceasefire

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has conveyed its deepest sympathies to the victims' loved ones and sent its best wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.

International Law and Protection of Civilians

The Ministry stressed the essential need to safeguard the security of citizens and civilian institutions, calling for an early end to hostilities. The United Arab Emirates stressed the importance of protecting people in times of conflict in accordance with international humanitarian law and international treaties that guarantee the rights of civilians.

Urgent Call for a Ceasefire

The United Arab Emirates called upon the international community to intensify its efforts to achieve an immediate ceasefire in order to prevent further loss of life and avoid escalating tensions and instability in the occupied Palestinian territory. This appeal came with the objective of advancing all initiatives to achieve a comprehensive and just peace while preventing the region from being drawn into new levels of violence, tension, and instability.

Explosion at Gaza Hospital Sparks Global Outrage

In a grim development, a devastating explosion rocked a Gaza hospital, causing the deaths of hundreds of individuals and igniting widespread global condemnation and sparking violent protests in multiple nations. Both Israel and Palestinians assigned blame for the incident, which U.S. President Joe Biden termed "outrageous and deeply saddening" while on his way to the Middle East.

Details of the tragic incident

Health authorities in Gaza reported that the explosion at the Ahli Arab Hospital resulted in between 200 and 300 casualties. This explosion added to the already substantial toll of Israeli airstrikes in the region. In a statement, Hamas claimed the death toll was as high as 500.

Israeli and Palestinian Accounts

The Israeli Defense Forces attributed the incident to Palestinian militants, asserting that an outgoing rocket had misfired. However, neither side's account could be independently verified.

Gruesome Scenes and Desperate Families

On the ground in Gaza, the aftermath of the blast brought scenes of chaos and despair as the injured and deceased were rushed to nearby medical facilities. Hospitals were overwhelmed, with numerous bodies covered in blood-stained sheets and white plastic wrapping, while anguished family members tried to identify their loved ones.

This tragedy further underscores the urgent need for a ceasefire and intensified efforts to halt the cycle of violence, fostering hope for peace and stability in the region. The United Arab Emirates, alongside the international community, continues to call for an immediate end to hostilities and the safeguarding of civilians in conflict zones.

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