UAE announces the opening of applications for a 10-year visa in Dubai

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Those who are eligible to do so might submit an application for a visa valid for ten years through Dubai

A long-term "Dubai gaming visa" has been introduced by Dubai in order to provide assistance to persons who are skilled, creative, and pioneers in the e-gaming industry. The golden visa, which is awarded for a period of ten years, is comparable to the gaming visa, which falls under Dubai Culture.

UAE announces the opening of applications for a 10-year visa

In addition to providing them with multiple investment options that are aimed to assist them in transforming unique ideas into profitable ventures, the purpose of this effort is to encourage them to grow and improve their talents.

In a statement made by Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), it was stated that the Dubai Gaming Visa embodies the vision and aspirations of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, and contributes to the enhancement of the emirate's appeal as a premier destination for entrepreneurs, investors, game developers, designers, and programmers.

"Dubai continues its efforts to attract thinkers, intellectuals, and highly skilled individuals to provide opportunities and broaden their horizons by supporting and harnessing their efforts in comprehensive development and advancing the creative economy, which Dubai aspires to be a global hub of by 2026," Badri explained to reporters.

There are two ways to submit an application for a Dubai Gaming Visa: through the Dubai Culture website or through the website

Here's how to apply for the visa

  • Service procedures

— Submitting the application via the website

— Notifying the customer via e-mail of the application status

— Issuing the the 'Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate'

  • Required documents

— Copy of the passport

— Educational qualifications

— Proof of community contributions

— Job roles

— Residence permits, EIDs (if available)

— Candidate’s professional CV

— Applicants must also provide details of their addresses, places of residence, occupations, and workplace

Terms & conditions:

— Getting a permission or approval from Dubai Culture is a conditional approval that must be obtained as part of the necessary steps to get further approvals from municipal and/or federal agencies involved in providing the visa. It is not a final approval.

— Applicants for the service must be at least 25 years old.

Dubai Culture has the power to refuse any application without providing a justification.

Since applications are made by individuals, Dubai Culture will not accept submissions from businesses or service centers.

Cultural visa categories with a multi-year duration

Writers, thinkers, authors, artists, intellectuals, and those with creative skills across six key sectors—cultural and natural heritage, performing arts and festivals, visual arts, books and press, audio-visual and interactive media, design and creative services, as well as the various sub-sectors—are eligible for the Dubai Gaming Visa, one of the multi-year cultural visa categories offered by Dubai Culture and GDRFA-Dubai.

The goal of the program is to inspire these gifted people to further enhance Dubai's artistic and cultural environment. It also advances Dubai's strategic objectives to become the world's top location for jobs, entertainment, and living.

Development and Possibility

Launched last November by Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033 aims to place Dubai in the top 10 worldwide gaming cities, greatly increase the sector's contribution to the expansion of Dubai's digital economy, and increase the city's GDP by about $1 billion by 2033.

By 2033, Dubai wants to have added 30,000 new jobs related to the e-gaming business. This shows how much support the industry has inside the emirate, which has used all of its resources and infrastructure to draw in top specialists. This assistance includes organizing and planning a variety of projects, gatherings, and exhibitions centered around this quick development.

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