UAE Announces Significant Decision on Union Day Celebrations Enforcement

In preparation for the upcoming Federation Day celebrations, the Ministry of Interior has issued a set of requirements and controls to ensure the safety and orderly celebration of this significant national occasion.

UAE National Day Celebrations: Safety Requirements and Vehicle Decoration Guidelines

Brigadier General Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al-Harthi, Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, emphasized the importance of compliance with these regulations to guarantee public safety and prevent any disturbances during the festivities.

Invitation to Celebrate Responsibly

The ministry extends an invitation to the public to revel in the joyous atmosphere of this cherished national event. However, it stresses the need for celebrations to be conducted in a manner that does not cause harm or inconvenience to others, fostering a civilized and enjoyable celebration.

Key Requirements and Controls:

  1. Compliance with Traffic Rules: Participants are required to adhere to traffic rules and follow instructions from law enforcement authorities.

  2. Prohibition of Marches and Gatherings: Random marches and gatherings are prohibited to maintain order and safety.

  3. Restrictions on Party Sprays: The use of party spray by drivers, passengers, or pedestrians is strictly prohibited.

  4. Number Plate Regulations: Front and rear number plates must not be blurred or altered in any way.

  5. Vehicle Modifications: Prohibitions include altering the color of the vehicle, darkening or tinting the windshield, and placing unauthorized stickers, signs, or logos.

  6. Passenger Limit: Vehicles should not exceed the permitted number of passengers.

  7. Vehicle Behavior: Participants should refrain from going out of windows or sunroofs, creating noise disturbances, or making show movements on roads.

  8. Visibility Considerations: Vehicles must not have materials affecting visibility, and the side and front glass should not be covered with stickers.

  9. National Flag Protocol: Raising the flags of countries other than the UAE is prohibited, except for the UAE flag. Similarly, only anthems and songs related to Federation Day are allowed.

  10. Shop Decorations: Decoration shops are restricted from installing posters or flags other than the UAE flag or those related to Federation Day.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Failure to comply with these instructions may result in violations, and any non-compliant vehicles may be seized. Stores not adhering to the guidelines will also be considered in violation. These measures are implemented to ensure a safe, respectful, and joyful celebration for all during Federation Day.

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