UAE Alhosn app offers 5 easy steps for mandatory vaccine updates

The new Alhosn app update aims to guarantee that parents keep their children up-to-date with their vaccinations, providing a transparent record of their immunization progress.

Tracking Children Mandatory Vaccines

In a recent major update to the Alhosn app, an exciting new feature has been introduced: tracking mandatory vaccines for children. This feature encompasses all vaccinations required from birth until the age of 18, providing parents with a convenient tool to ensure their children receive essential vaccinations on schedule. This enhancement to the app promises to simplify and streamline the process of managing a child's immunization journey.

Creating an Account for Your Child's Health Tracking

To begin utilizing this valuable feature, follow these steps to create an account for your child on the Alhosn health tracking application:

Access the Alhosn Homepage:

Start by opening the Alhosn app on your device.

Add a User:

Locate the 'add user' button positioned at the top left corner of the homepage. Click on it to initiate the process.

Emirates ID or UID:

The application will prompt you to enter your child's Emirates ID information or UID, which is associated with your registered phone number.

Child's Profile:

After entering the required information, navigate to your child's profile by tapping on their picture. This step will grant you access to their immunization journey.

Track Vaccinations:

The app will display your child's immunization history, marking completed vaccinations with green tick marks and any missed vaccines with grey marks. This visual aid allows parents to monitor their child's vaccination progress effortlessly.

Aging with the App:

As your child continues to grow, the app will update the journey, gradually turning the path from one stage to another green as each age-appropriate vaccination is administered.

By following these straightforward steps, parents can effectively use the Alhosn app to manage and monitor their child's mandatory vaccinations. This feature not only ensures that vaccinations are administered on time but also maintains a comprehensive and easily accessible record of a child's immunization history.

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