Abu Dhabi Court orders a man to pay DH71,000 in compensation for this reason

A legal battle unfolded before the Abu Dhabi Hikma court as a man sought justice against another for alleged fraud in a car sale.

The plaintiff aimed to nullify the transaction, demanding a refund of the car's value, additional compensation, and reimbursement for expenses incurred due to the defendant's misleading actions.

Deceptive Advertisement on Instagram:

The plaintiff narrated that the defendant advertised a car on Instagram, claiming it had traveled 179,000 kilometers, was in pristine condition, and was accident-free. The agreed-upon sale price was 66 thousand dirhams, negotiated down from the initial 79,000 dirhams.

Discovery of Deceptive Practices:

After completing the transaction and transferring ownership, the plaintiff discovered the car's true condition. Contrary to the seller's claims, the vehicle had covered 362,415 kilometers, showed signs of repainting, and had been involved in multiple accidents—information deliberately concealed by the defendant.

Legal Claims and Defendant's Response:

In response to the plaintiff's claims, the defendant submitted a memorandum seeking the dismissal of the case.

Expert Report Validates Plaintiff's Claims:

The court appointed an engineering expert who confirmed the plaintiff's assertions. The report detailed the car's diminished market value due to undisclosed accidents and odometer tampering. The vehicle's true value in its compromised state was determined to be 45 thousand dirhams, significantly less than the advertised 83 thousand dirhams.

Court Ruling: Compensation and Contract Nullification:

The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, annulling the car sales contract and ordering the defendant to refund the full amount of 66 thousand dirhams.

Moreover, the defendant was ordered to compensate the plaintiff to the tune of 5,000 dirhams (which includes costs for inspection, insurance, and registration). The entire value awarded amounted to 71 thousand dirhams, and the defendant was additionally compelled to cover the legal fees and expenses related to the case.

This legal verdict emphasizes the court's commitment to rectifying deceptive practices in commercial transactions and holding individuals accountable for concealing crucial information from buyers.

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