Visa Exemption for Saudi Citizens Traveling to Albania and Kosovo

On Wednesday, the Albanian government issued a decision granting entry to Saudi citizens holding valid passports into Albanian territory without requiring a visa.

This policy will be effective from March 6, 2024, until December 31, 2024, according to information provided by the Saudi embassy in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

The embassy further clarified that Saudi nationals can also enter Kosovo without a visa throughout the year. However, visas are necessary for entry into North Macedonia and Montenegro.

The Albanian government stated earlier this month that Saudi nationals would no longer need a visa to enter the nation. The statement was made during a meeting in Tirana between a Saudi business group and Albanian Prime Minister Bajram Begaj.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Begaj welcomed the Saudi delegation and encouraged Saudi investors to explore investment opportunities in Albania. He assured them of personal support for their investments in the country. In response, Hassan Al-Huwaizi, Chairman of the Federation of Saudi Chambers, led the delegation and pledged to establish a joint Saudi-Albanian business council.

The discussions between the two parties centered on potential investment prospects in Albania, underscoring the growing interest in bilateral economic cooperation. The establishment of a joint business council reflects a commitment to fostering closer ties and facilitating collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Albania in various sectors.

Moreover, the decision to waive visa requirements for Saudi citizens entering Albania underscores the Albanian government's efforts to promote tourism and facilitate business activities. It also highlights the positive diplomatic relations between Albania and Saudi Arabia, paving the way for enhanced economic partnerships and mutual prosperity.

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