Saudi Man Fatally Shot in the Philippines; Investigation Underway

While visiting the Philippines with his wife and her brother, Saudi national Sulaiman Jamal was gunned down and died. The biker gang followed the victims and then began firing. Both Sulaiman Jamal and his wife, Bainot, were slain in the attack. We're still looking into the situation.

Fatal Shooting in Maguindanao

Tragically, a Saudi man was killed in the Philippines. The man, his wife, and her brother were traveling along a busy road in Shariff Aguak, the provincial capital of Maguindanao del Sur, when two assailants on a motorbike ambushed them.

Ongoing Investigation and Reluctant Witnesses

The Philippine police have initiated an investigation into the incident, although they have encountered challenges due to reluctant witnesses. Even though there were individuals who witnessed the shooting, they were reportedly too frightened to come forward and provide information. This reluctance has made the investigative process more complex.

Victim and Survivor

The Saudi man who tragically lost his life has been identified as Sulaiman Jamal. His wife, Bainot, who was also in the car during the attack, sustained injuries and is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital. The Saudi embassy in Manila is closely monitoring Bainot's condition and providing support to her during this difficult time.

Recent Residents in the Area

Reports from Saudi media indicate that the couple had recently purchased a farm lot in the Philippines and had been residing in the region since the previous year. The shooting incident is a tragic event that has shocked the local community, and the investigation aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.

The motive behind the attack and the identity of the perpetrators are still under investigation, as local authorities work diligently to gather more information and address the concerns of potential witnesses who may hold vital details regarding the incident.

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