The Saudi government spotlights green initiatives and regional diplomacy

During a Cabinet session overseen by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Jeddah, the Kingdom demonstrated its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, regional diplomacy, and humanitarian endeavors.

The session commenced with the Crown Prince briefing attendees on recent engagements with global leaders, such as the President of Germany, the Prime Minister of Kuwait, and the United States Secretary of State, highlighting the Kingdom's proactive role on the international stage.

Discussions within the Cabinet spanned a range of topics, encompassing regional and international affairs, domestic priorities, and progress towards national objectives. Notably, considerable attention was given to collaborative efforts aimed at addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with acknowledgment of the United Nations Security Council's call for a ceasefire during Ramadan.

Minister of Media Salman Al-Dossary outlined the session's deliberations on performance metrics across vital sectors and their contributions to the Kingdom's advancement and prosperity. The Cabinet's dedication to societal well-being was evident through its endorsement of housing initiatives for disadvantaged families, exemplified by the "Jood Regions" campaign under the "Jood Eskan" platform.

A significant aspect of the session centered on the annual Saudi Green Initiative Day, observed on March 27th, showcasing Saudi Arabia's leadership in climate action and environmental preservation at both local and global levels. This initiative reflects the Kingdom's ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.

Further deliberations included reviews of agenda items from the Shoura Council and assessments by the Economic and Development Affairs Council, the Political and Security Affairs Council, and other governmental entities.

The Cabinet approved new regulations governing public entities' requests for establishing companies or investment entities, aimed at facilitating economic growth and diversification efforts.

Additionally, the state reiterated its backing for the Hadi and Adahi Project ahead of the Hajj season by continuing to cover entry visa fees for seasonal laborers.

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