Saudi Arabia Waives Visa Fees for some passport holders

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Investment (MISA) has announced a new policy that will make it easier for investors with diplomatic or special passports to explore investment opportunities in the kingdom. As part of this initiative, the expenses for business visit visas will be waived.

The 'Visiting Investor' business visit visa service, available on the 'Invest in Saudi Arabia' platform, enables foreign investors to apply for a digital visit visa instantly, eliminating the need for physical visits to Saudi embassies or consulates for biometric data procedures.

Exemption for Non-Diplomatic Investors

The exemption is specifically applicable to investors without official diplomatic status. It is crucial to note that the visa service is intended strictly for commercial purposes and should not be misused for non-commercial activities.

Conditions for Obtaining the Visa

To qualify for the 'Visiting Investor' visa, investors must obtain approved medical insurance within the Kingdom. This visa facilitates businesspersons' visits to Saudi Arabia, allowing them to explore various investment sectors and understand natural resources, geographic location, and cultural heritage. They can engage with counterparts in the country, including owners of foreign companies, board members, managers, and representatives, provided their professional or commercial status is verified.

Terms and Conditions

The passports of investors must remain valid for a minimum of six months, aligning with bilateral agreements on passport validity, visa fees, and duration between the Kingdom and other countries. Investors are required to abide by the visa's intended purpose and comply with prevailing regulations and instructions in Saudi Arabia.

It is extremely forbidden to work for pay or free, to do the Hajj pilgrimage without a Hajj visa, and to do Umrah after acquiring a Hajj visa during the Hajj season. The length of time an investor can remain in the country is clearly indicated on their visa.

Expansion of Electronic Business Visit Visas

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), MISA has launched the second phase of issuing electronic business visit visas, extending coverage to countries not included in the initial list. This initiative is part of broader efforts to showcase Saudi Arabia's exceptional investment opportunities across 15 diverse and promising economic sectors.

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