Saudi Arabia detained 19,400 in residency and labor operations last week

Saudi Arabia has intensified its efforts to tackle violations related to residency, labor, and security, with over 19,400 individuals arrested in the past week alone.

The Ministry of Interior revealed a detailed breakdown of the arrests made between February 15 and 21 in a social media post announcing this significant crackdown.

During this period, multiple security agencies within the Kingdom collaborated to apprehend individuals involved in various infractions. The staggering number of arrests amounted to 19,431, reflecting the government's firm stance against breaches of its laws and regulations.

Among the violations detected, the majority were related to residency, with 11,897 cases recorded. Additionally, 4,254 individuals were arrested for breaches of border security rules, while 3,280 were detained for violating labor laws. These arrests signify a comprehensive effort by Saudi authorities to uphold the integrity of their immigration and labor systems, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Interior disclosed that 971 individuals were apprehended while attempting to illegally enter the Kingdom through its borders. Such attempts are considered serious offenses, and those found aiding illegal entry face severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines of up to SR1 million ($267,000).

The Kingdom's commitment to maintaining security and enforcing its laws is reflected in its proactive approach to addressing violations promptly and decisively. By cracking down on illegal activities and individuals flouting regulations, Saudi Arabia aims to safeguard its borders, protect its residents, and uphold the rule of law.

Amidst the crackdown, Saudi authorities are also actively managing the cases of individuals involved in residency, border security, and labor law violations. The sheer number of 58,365 cases currently under investigation serves as a reminder of how difficult the situation is for law enforcement.

Efforts to address these violations include referring individuals to their respective embassies to obtain necessary travel documents and completing travel reservations. Additionally, a significant number of individuals, totaling 9,566, have been deported from the country as part of the government's measures to maintain security and enforce compliance with immigration and labor regulations.

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