Riyadh Air to recruit cabin crew, pilots, and more in Dubai hiring campaign

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia confirmed the launch of Riyadh Air in March 2023. This prospective enterprise, set to take off in the middle of 2025, is preparing for a thrilling flight by setting lofty recruitment targets and developing intriguing plans.

High Hopes for the New Saudi Carrier

Riyadh Air is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to assembling a stellar team. Peter Bellew, the airline's Chief Operating Officer, has revealed their mission to recruit not only cabin crew but also pilots, engineers, maintenance experts, and professionals for various corporate roles.

To achieve this, Riyadh Air is embarking on a global recruitment drive, with key stops in Dubai, Paris, and Saudi Arabia scheduled for the fourth quarter of the year.

Elevating the Cabin Crew

One of the airline's significant recruitment targets is the hiring of 300 cabin crew members by the end of 2024. These dedicated individuals will play a pivotal role in ensuring passenger safety and comfort, embodying Riyadh Air's commitment to excellence in the skies.

A Worldwide Talent Pool

Riyadh Air has made waves in the job market, receiving an astonishing 900,000 applications since its March 2023 launch. Among these applicants, 52 percent are women, demonstrating the carrier's commitment to gender diversity. The candidates hail from over 200 different nationalities, reflecting the airline's global appeal.

A Vision for the Future

As Riyadh Air takes flight in mid-2025, it plans to connect to a plethora of destinations, with over 100 on the radar by 2030. This ambitious roadmap aligns with Saudi Arabia's broader Vision 2030 initiative, which seeks to diversify the nation's economy and create employment opportunities.

Dubai Airshow: Exciting Developments

Riyadh Air will make its mark at the Dubai Airshow from November 13 to 17. During this prestigious event, the airline is expected to unveil exciting news, including its highly anticipated second livery. Reports suggest that Riyadh Air will place a significant order for 100 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, signaling its commitment to building a formidable fleet.

Towards Sustainable Transportation

The carrier is also making strides in the realm of sustainable transportation. Riyadh Air will showcase a partnership with Lucid Group, a luxury electric vehicle manufacturer, setting the stage for an exciting collaboration in the future of eco-friendly mobility.

Riyadh Air's journey is just beginning, but it already promises to be a dynamic and innovative addition to the world of aviation. As it assembles its dedicated team and unveils its plans, the world eagerly anticipates its inaugural flight in 2025. Riyadh Air is poised to shape the future of air travel and contribute to the growth and diversification of Saudi Arabia's economy.

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