Last supermoon of 2023 graces UAE skies with stunning visuals

The supermoon witnessed in the UAE and around the world on Friday is not just any full moon; As it carries the enchanting title of the "Harvest Moon" due to its timely appearance at the outset of the autumn season.

Celestial Delight in the UAE

The UAE, along with the rest of the world, was treated to a dazzling celestial display on Friday as the fourth and final supermoon of the year lit up the night sky. Unlike some astronomical events, this supermoon didn't require special equipment to appreciate its brilliance; it was visible to the naked eye and appeared five percent larger and 13 percent brighter than an average full moon, as confirmed by the US Space Agency NASA.

UAE Supermoon
UAE last supermoon 2023

Dubai's Skywatchers' Gathering

In Dubai, enthusiastic skywatchers flocked to the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre, where the Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG) provided telescopes for a closer look at this awe-inspiring phenomenon. The event also featured informative lectures and photography sessions, making it an educational and visually stunning experience for attendees.

Understanding the Supermoon

DAG explained that a supermoon occurs when the full moon reaches its closest point (known as perigee) to Earth in its elliptical orbit. This proximity results in the moon appearing larger and brighter than usual when viewed from our planet. The supermoon seen on this occasion is also referred to as the Harvest Moon, as it marks the beginning of the autumn season.

The Significance of the Harvest Moon

Before the advent of electricity, farmers relied on the moon's light to work in their fields and harvest crops during the nighttime hours. The Moon's radiant glow was particularly crucial during the fall season when crops were at their peak readiness for gathering. As a result, the moniker "Harvest Moon" was coined to highlight the moon's role in aiding farmers during this critical time of the year.

The supermoon's appearance, coupled with its historical significance, added an extra layer of wonder and appreciation for those who gathered to witness this celestial event in the UAE. As the year's final supermoon graced the night sky, it served as a reminder of the captivating beauty of the cosmos and our enduring connection to the wonders of the universe.

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