Kuwait: 107 illegal expats arrested, 9 fake agencies busted

Kuwait authorities have taken decisive legal action against fraudulent domestic help agencies, leading to the apprehension of numerous law violators. The Ministry of Kuwait made this significant announcement through a recent tweet.

Cracking down on fraudulent agencies

Multiple Kuwaiti authorities joined forces in their efforts to uncover and bring to justice nine deceitful domestic help agencies. This joint operation resulted in the identification and detention of 107 individuals who had violated the Residency and Labor Law of Kuwait.

Various offenses and charges

Among those who were detained, one individual faced charges of bribery, while 12 people were found to be involved in immoral activities conducted in exchange for monetary compensation. These individuals are currently under investigation by the Residence Investigation Department, as their actions are subject to legal scrutiny.

Additional arrests

In separate incidents and unrelated to the fraudulent agencies, the Search and Investigation Department conducted arrests as well. One Asian resident was apprehended while attempting to bribe his relative's application for a driver's license. Furthermore, another individual was detained based on an outstanding arrest warrant (absenteeism).

Immorality cases

The enforcement operations extended to the apprehension of nine individuals of Asian nationality. Among them, three women faced charges related to engaging in immoral activities for financial gain. As a result, they were referred to the appropriate authorities to undergo the necessary legal procedures.

Promoting law and order

This widespread crackdown on fraudulent domestic help agencies and associated law violations demonstrates Kuwait's strong commitment to upholding the law and ensuring the integrity of domestic help agencies and their practices. These measures aim to create a lawful and just environment for residents, while also serving as a deterrent against fraudulent activities and unethical practices.

Kuwait continues to emphasize the importance of law enforcement and the protection of individuals from deceptive agencies and those seeking to undermine the legal framework. The recent actions taken highlight the government's resolve to maintain law and order in the country and safeguard the rights and well-being of its residents.

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