Filipina domestic worker got killed with stab wounds in Saudi Arabia

A grim incident has sent shockwaves through the Filipino community and raised concerns about the safety of overseas domestic workers in Saudi Arabia. Marjorette Garcia, a 32-year-old Filipina domestic worker, who was scheduled to return home upon the expiration of her contract, was found dead in Saudi Arabia under mysterious circumstances. Her body displayed multiple stab wounds, leaving her exact cause of death shrouded in uncertainty.

Tragic Death of Filipina Domestic Worker in Saudi Arabia

The tragic event has prompted investigations, including calls for a Senate probe, to ensure justice and enhance the protection of migrant workers.

Marjorette Garcia's unsettling journey began when she last spoke to her family on September 14, seemingly in good spirits. However, this brief connection marked the onset of a distressing episode. Her family's concerns grew as they lost contact with her the following day. Alarmed by three days of silence, they turned to her friends and social media platforms for answers.

A Shattering Revelation Last week, the Garcia family received devastating news: Marjorette had been in the morgue since September 27, leaving them stunned and perplexed. Details surrounding the demise of this overseas Filipino worker (OFW) remained elusive. Reports suggested that she had been stabbed, but the exact circumstances remained shrouded in uncertainty, compounding the family's anguish and sorrow.

Government Agencies' Commitment

The Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) of the Philippines confirmed Marjorette's tragic death, pledging unwavering support and assistance to her grieving family. In response to this distressing incident, the DMW's Migrant Workers Office in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia (MWO-Al Khobar), and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration have joined forces with the Philippine Embassy and local law enforcement agencies. Together, they are actively engaged in an ongoing investigation to unravel the circumstances surrounding Marjorette's untimely passing.

Collaborative Investigations

Philippine and Saudi authorities have embarked on collaborative investigations to shed light on this tragedy and ascertain the events leading to Marjorette Garcia's demise. While reports indicate that a suspect has been apprehended, the precise details and motivations behind this heartbreaking incident are yet to be fully elucidated. The ordeal has ignited concerns about the safety and well-being of Filipino domestic workers abroad, emphasizing the need for enhanced protection and support for OFWs.

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