Emiratisation Targets in the UAE: Companies Urged to Meet Goals by Year-End

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has issued a crucial reminder to private sector companies, emphasizing the need to achieve their Emiratisation targets by December 31.

Emiratisation Targets for Private Sector Companies

Specifically, companies with 50 or more employees are mandated to have Emiratis comprising 4% of skilled roles within their workforce by the end of this year.

Phased Emiratisation Targets Until 2026

Private sector firms are required to incrementally increase Emirati representation in their workforce. The target entails adding 2% of Emiratis annually until 2026. As of last year, companies had to incorporate UAE nationals into 2% of skilled roles. A new mechanism introduced this year splits the annual target into two phases: 1% in the first half and the remaining 1% in the second.

Escalating Penalties: Fines for Non-Compliance

Companies failing to meet the annual Emiratisation targets face escalating fines, increasing by Dh1,000 per month per unfulfilled Emirati position. Last year's penalty was Dh6,000, rising to Dh7,000 this year. Firms not meeting the semi-annual deadline in July incurred Dh42,000 in fines per Emirati not hired, reflecting Dh7,000 for each month in the first half of the year.

Additional penalties of Dh42,000 per citizen not hired loom for companies failing to meet the second-half target by December 31.

Nafis Platform: A Resource for Establishments Seeking Emirati Talent

The MoHRE encourages establishments struggling to meet their Emiratization targets to utilize the Nafis platform, facilitating the search for Emirati job-seekers.

18,000 Establishments Meet Targets

Despite challenges, 18,000 establishments have successfully met their Emiratization targets, resulting in a notable increase in Emiratis joining the private sector. Presently, over 84,000 Emiratis are employed in private sector roles, with more than 54,000 securing jobs in the past two years.

Zero Tolerance for Fake Emiratisation

The MoHRE maintains a zero-tolerance policy against fake emigration practices. In August, 565 companies were identified for hiring 824 UAE nationals in fictitious jobs, resulting in fines ranging from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000. Emiratization is flagged as 'fake' when nationals are hired solely to meet quotas, lacking genuine tasks or responsibilities.

Commitment to Economic Development

The MoHRE reaffirms its commitment to providing resources to enhance the private sector's role in advancing Emiratization plans, aiming to increase the contribution of Emirati talents to the UAE's economic development.

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