Dubai RTA Smart Solutions Simplify Parking fee, Licences, and Payments

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is at the forefront of the emirate's digital revolution, focusing on offering smart and convenient services accessible 24/7. as its considered The latest stride in this digital transformation is the automation of permit issuance for supplementary signboards, available through their website.

Automated Permits for Supplementary Signboards

RTA is driving the smart revolution in Dubai by harnessing cutting-edge technology and automation, guided by a strategic plan for digital transformation until 2025. Their vision encompasses enhancing digital mobility, ensuring operational excellence, achieving financial sustainability, boosting people's happiness, and shaping the future.

A Plethora of Innovative Features

RTA's array of innovative features and services aims to make life in Dubai more convenient. Here are some of the cutting-edge advancements:

1. Smart Kiosks for Seamless Transactions

Citizens can conveniently handle tasks like vehicle registration renewal, parking fee and fine payments, and nol card top-ups using RTA's smart kiosks. These advanced kiosks provide access to 28 digital services around the clock, covering areas such as vehicle licensing, driver services, parking, and revenue management. Payment methods accepted include cash, credit cards, and NFC technology.

RTA has installed 32 modern kiosks designed for accessibility, even for people with disabilities, featuring interactive screens, fingerprint sensors, NFC technology, and keypads for manual card entry.

2. Dubai Taxi App Upgrades

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) now offers an 'Hourly Rental' limo service through their upgraded app, available 24/7. Passengers can book a limo without specifying a destination and make multiple stops. DTC's app also includes a 'Lost and Found Service' for passengers to recover lost items and facilitates easy meet-ups with the 'Meet Me Here' service. Additionally, users can share trip details with the 'Share My Trip Status' service.

3. Enhanced nol Pay App

Dubai's RTA introduced an updated version of the nol Pay app, enhancing its usability across various platforms. Nol can now be used for RTA public transport fares, public parking, tourist attractions, and shopping. The new features include instant balance top-ups, convenient personalized nol card applications or renewals through RTA account integration, simplified registration for unidentified nol cards using digital IDs, and application status tracking.

4. Mobile Eye Testing Service

RTA's 'Click and Drive' initiative digitizes the entire process of obtaining driver's licenses, including a pioneering mobile eyesight testing service. This transformation reduces service delivery time by 75%, from 20 to 5 minutes, and streamlines the process from 12 to 7 steps, resulting in a 53% decrease in customer visits to driving institutes.

5. Streamlined Free Parking Permits

There is no longer a need to print and display permits thanks to RTA's digitization of its free parking permit services for elderly Emiratis and those with disabilities. Through the website and RTA Dubai App, individuals are able to add up to 5 vehicles—1 primary and 4 secondary with only one car being activated at a time.

Future Unification of Transport Services

RTA's future plans include unifying booking and ticketing for all modes of transport in the city. Unified ticketing for all transport modes, including both RTA and non-RTA services, is slated for introduction in 2023-24. Currently, different providers offer various transport options in Dubai, such as Careem, Udrive, Uber, ekar, and Hala. RTA aims to establish unified regulations during the same period to further streamline transportation services in Dubai.

With these innovative initiatives, RTA is not only making Dubai smarter but also enhancing the lives of its residents and visitors through seamless, efficient, and convenient transportation services.

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