Dubai RTA sets reduced speed limit for traffic safety

The government of Dubai has announced that, beginning on November 20th, the speed limit would be lowered on a significant stretch of Al Ittihad Road.

Dubai Authorities Implement Reduced Speed Limit on Al Ittihad Road

Beginning on November 20, the speed limit on a significant portion of Al Ittihad Road will be lowered, according to announcements from the Dubai authorities. The updated speed limit will drop from 100 kmph to 80 kmph for the section between Sharjah and Al Garhoud Bridge.

Key Changes:

  • Location: The new speed limit is applicable from the Sharjah-Dubai border on Al Ittihad Road, extending up to Al Garhoud Bridge.

  • Traffic Signage: To align with the adjusted speed limit, traffic signs along Al Ittihad Road will be updated, ensuring motorists are informed of the new maximum speed. Red lines will designate the beginning of the speed reduction zone.

  • Radar Adjustments: Radar systems on the road will be calibrated to enforce the revised speed limit effectively.

Impact on Commuters:

Many daily commuters who traverse this route between Dubai and Sharjah have welcomed the decision. Hamdan Firas, a Syrian expatriate, highlighted the tendency of some drivers to accelerate beyond 100 kmph after passing the Abu Hail underpass, leading to potential risks. Firas expressed optimism that the reduced speed limit would encourage more responsible driving behavior.

Abdul Hameed, a Somali expat, pointed out the sharp curve towards Garhoud Bridge, where some drivers exhibit risky behavior reminiscent of an F1 track. He believes the lowered speed limit will contribute to safer driving conditions, especially around this challenging curve.

RTA Decision and Study:

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) collaborated with the Dubai Police in making this decision, following a recent study. The study took into account various factors, such as the number of entrances and exits, the proximity of intersections, the recurrence of traffic accidents, and recent improvements in the area.

Speed Management Manual:

The RTA, in conjunction with the Dubai Police, relies on a speed management manual to evaluate and determine appropriate speed limits on Dubai's main roads. This manual aids in maintaining a balance between speed limits and traffic flow and ensuring overall road safety.

This reduction in speed limit aims to enhance safety, mitigate the risk of accidents, and improve traffic management on a crucial corridor connecting Dubai and Sharjah.

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