Dubai RTA introduces smart kiosks for vehicle registration, parking

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled an advanced smart kiosk, providing a comprehensive array of digital services, including those pertaining to vehicle licensing, drivers, and parking, among others.

Advanced Features and Payment Options

These kiosks provide 28 different types of services and are available 24/7 to meet the needs of the public. Users can conveniently renew vehicle registration cards, pay parking fees or fines, and recharge their nol cards, among other services.

The new generation of 32 smart kiosks comes with advanced features and modern designs aimed at enhancing ease of use. These kiosks are equipped with large interactive screens, fingerprint sensors, credit/debit card insertion units, NFC tapping units for smartphone payments, and keypads for manual entry of card details.

Convenient Locations

In addition to the RTA's main building, customer satisfaction centers, primary service provider centers, and other crucial areas throughout the emirate, these smart kiosks are thoughtfully positioned in 21 locations across Dubai. This extensive location guarantees that both locals and visitors have easy access to these services.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The RTA is committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve customer experience, and the smart kiosks project is an example of this. The Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart Government Programme, which aims to boost customer pleasure, improve government services, and adhere to global best practices, is in line with the directions of the Dubai government and this program's objectives.

Automated Performance Monitoring

One notable feature of these kiosks is an automated and intelligent performance monitoring system. This system continuously monitors the kiosks' performance and helps develop services further. It ensures that customers receive effective and high-quality services around the clock.

Expansion and Success

The project to upgrade smart kiosks was initiated by RTA in 2021. Since then, it has witnessed significant demand and success in serving the community and increasing customer satisfaction. To accommodate a larger segment of customers, eight new kiosks were added in six locations, and 24 other kiosks were upgraded as part of the expansion efforts.

Overall, RTA's smart kiosks are a testament to their commitment to utilizing technology to enhance government services and provide convenient, efficient, and accessible solutions for the public.

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