Dubai Police Issues Weather Advisory Amid Traffic Delays and Flooding on Roads

Police in Dubai have issued road safety advice in light of the recent heavy rains and have stressed the need of recording any damage to vehicles as a result of the weather changes.

Dubai Police Order Drivers to Document Rain-Related Vehicle Damage

The police encouraged motorists to capture videos or photos of the damage and promptly report incidents at the nearest police station. This proactive measure aims to streamline the reporting process and facilitate necessary actions.

Traffic Safety Guidelines for Rainy Weather

Dubai Police provided essential safety guidelines for driving in rainy conditions to ensure the well-being of motorists. Recommendations include maintaining a safe distance from the road edge, inspecting brakes after passing through large puddles, using low-beam headlights for enhanced visibility, employing air-conditioning in outer circulation mode to prevent windshield fogging, decreasing driving speed for better vehicle stability, and ensuring proper functionality of windshield wipers.

Reporting Flooding and Exercising Caution

In addition to vehicle-related warnings, Dubai Police urged motorists to report flooding incidents to the municipality. Emphasizing extra precautions during rainfall, the message encouraged drivers to avoid valleys and water ponds for their safety. The police underscored the importance of cautious driving in adverse weather conditions to prevent accidents and ensure public safety.

Sea-goers are advised to monitor weather conditions.

Dubai Police extended warnings beyond the roads, cautioning sea-goers against venturing into the sea due to current weather fluctuations. Boat owners and sea enthusiasts were advised to closely monitor weather and climate conditions, adhering to safety instructions, to prevent risks associated with strong sea currents and high waves.

RTA Alerts Bus Users to Delays and Route Suspensions

Meanwhile, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) notified bus users about potential delays on some routes due to adverse weather conditions. Additionally, certain intercity bus routes, such as Dubai to Sharjah (E315) and Dubai to Ajman (E411), were temporarily suspended. The RTA recommended alternative travel options and requested cooperation from passengers.

DXB Passengers Advised to Utilize City Metro

In response to weather-related disruptions, the RTA advised passengers traveling to and from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to use the city Metro for easier access. Passengers were encouraged to plan their journeys by departing four hours before the scheduled take-off times to account for potential delays. This proactive communication aims to minimize inconvenience for public transport users during adverse weather events.

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