251 passengers stranded 10 hours on Dubai-Dhaka flight Due to issues

If a traveler needs to cancel their reservation for a flight, they have the option of receiving a full refund or rebooking their trip for a later time.

Technical Issue in Dubai Delays Biman Bangladesh Airlines Flight to Dhaka

A scheduled Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight from Dubai to Dhaka encountered an unexpected delay due to a technical issue, disrupting the travel plans of 251 passengers. The incident unfolded just moments before the flight, BG348, was set to depart from Dubai International Airport at 12:05 am local time on Sunday.

Technical Problem Grounds Flight

Shakia Sultana, the regional manager for Dubai and Northern Emirates at Biman Bangladesh Airlines, provided insights into the situation. She confirmed that the flight had a full complement of 251 passengers and ten crew members on board. However, as the aircraft was preparing for takeoff, a technical problem was identified, leading to the decision to ground the flight.

Immediate Engineering Response

Upon discovering the technical glitch, the airline's engineering team took swift action to diagnose and resolve the issue. Despite their efforts, the problem persisted, and by 2 am, the situation was officially declared an 'Air on Ground' (AOG) scenario. Shakia explained that a specific part required replacement to rectify the problem, and arrangements were made to transport the necessary component from Dhaka to Dubai.

Passenger Accommodations

In response to the delay, the 251 passengers were guided to the airport lounge, where they were provided with breakfast. As the hours passed and the issue remained unresolved, the airline made arrangements for passengers' comfort. By approximately 11 am, refreshments were offered to the affected travelers. However, as noon approached without a resolution, a decision was made to provide accommodations with meals for 101 passengers in nearby hotels.

Options for Passengers

Given the extended delay, passengers were presented with various options. Some chose to switch to an Emirates flight as an alternative means of reaching Dhaka. Meanwhile, a few travelers opted to cancel their travel plans altogether. Additionally, a small group of passengers with visit, cancelled, or transit visas continued to await updates at the airport.

Flexibility for Canceled Tickets

Shakia emphasized that passengers who decided to cancel their tickets have the flexibility to either reschedule their flights or request a refund from the airline. This gesture underscores Biman Bangladesh Airlines' commitment to accommodating passengers' needs and ensuring their satisfaction during unexpected travel disruptions. The airline aims to provide a seamless travel experience once the technical issue is resolved and the flight can proceed safely.

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