Abu Dhabi Police Introduce New School Bus Safety Regulations

Abu Dhabi Police have implemented five new regulations aimed at ensuring the safety of students during their school bus commute. These measures are designed to guarantee a secure environment for students and enhance the safety of school transportation.

Enhanced Safety Measures for School Bus Transportation

The new regulations require school bus drivers to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No Phone Usage: Drivers are prohibited from using their phones while operating the school bus.
  • Adherence to Legal Speeds: Drivers must adhere to legal speed limits while driving the school bus.
  • Maintenance Checks: Before embarking on their route, drivers are responsible for ensuring that the bus is in proper working condition.
  • Use of Stop Lever: Drivers must use the bus's stop lever when students are getting on and off.
  • Seat Belt Usage: Students must be fastened with seat belts while on the school bus.

Police emphasize responsible driving.

Abu Dhabi Police are calling on all drivers to exercise attentiveness and concentration while on the road. They stress the importance of being mindful of pedestrians, road signs, and the surrounding environment. Drivers are also urged to adhere to traffic control instructions to prevent accidents. These efforts are part of the police's ongoing initiatives to raise awareness and promote responsible driving behaviors.

Supervisors' Responsibilities

Bus monitors, both male and female, perform an essential role in keeping students safe on the road. Among their duties are the following:

  1. Proper Seating: Ensuring that students are seated correctly

  2. Composure During Operations: Maintaining composure and attentiveness during bus operations

  3. Safety Oversight: Overseeing student safety during embarkation and disembarkation

  4. Emergency Protocol: Promptly contacting the appropriate authorities in emergency situations

  5. Emergency Evacuation: Ensuring an orderly evacuation of students from the bus in case of an emergency

These responsibilities are essential for ensuring the safety of students throughout their journey.

Back-to-School Program

The "Back to School" program is part of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police General Command and aligns with the beginning of the academic year. It is part of a nationwide federal campaign under the banner "Our Children are Trust."

The program aims to enhance traffic awareness among drivers through various activities and initiatives. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to traffic laws and regulations, addressing the root causes of traffic accidents, and reducing fatalities and severe injuries.

Strict Stop Regulation

The police remind drivers that a full stop is required when a bus extends its stop arm. Students crossing the street should be given at least five meters of space in each direction. Vehicle operators who disregard a school bus's stop sign may incur a fine of 1,000 dirhams and a loss of 10 driving points.

The police express their strong commitment to increasing awareness about traffic safety among families and creating a secure environment for students. They focus on initiatives related to pedestrian safety, avoiding distractions while driving, seat belt usage, and maintaining a safe distance when following school buses. These measures aim to provide a safe and secure school transportation experience.

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