Abu Dhabi Court Takes Legal Action Against Woman and Son Over Viral Video

Following the distribution of a viral video containing incorrect information about an eviction order issued by the Abu Dhabi Courts, the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has launched legal action against a mother and her son.

False claims lead to legal action.

A video misrepresenting a court decision went viral on social media, leading the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution to pursue legal action against a mother and her son. The Abu Dhabi Courts' eviction order was misrepresented in the video.

Misleading Narrative Unveiled

The video, shared widely on social media platforms, featured the son's claim that his mother was forced to leave their residence by his father’s siblings. However, subsequent investigations uncovered a different reality.

The court had received a lawsuit filed by the heirs, including the son's father and his siblings, seeking the eviction of the property. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, mandating the evacuation of the property and validating the decision in the Court of Appeal.

Personal Status Case Details

In addition to the property-related dispute, it was revealed that a personal status case had been ongoing. A previous ruling obligated the father to provide financial support to his son, specifying a monthly amount of Dh2,500. Moreover, the court imposed an annual rental fee of Dh30,000 for nursery housing, effective from the date the defendant vacated the nursery residence.

Legal Consequences for Spreading False Information

The public prosecutor stressed the importance of accuracy and credibility in sharing information on social media platforms. The dissemination of misleading content not only distorts the truth but also carries legal consequences. The authorities emphasized the need for residents to verify information before sharing it to avoid contributing to the spread of false narratives.

Call for Responsible Sharing

Residents were urged to exercise caution and responsibility in sharing content, especially when it involves legal matters. The case serves as a reminder of the potential legal ramifications of spreading false information and the role of individuals in upholding the integrity of information shared on social media.

This incident underscores the broader societal challenge of combating misinformation and emphasizes the significance of responsible communication in the age of social media.

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