Abu Dhabi Authority Shuts Facility Over Poisoned Beans Incident

In a decisive move, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority has issued an administrative closure decision against "Royal Catering Services," located in Abu Dhabi - Al Dhafra - Ghayathi.

Administrative Closure Amid Public Health Concerns

The facility, holding commercial license No. CN-1049959, faced this action due to violations of Law No. 2 of 2008 related to food in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, along with associated legislation. The facility's effects on public health were what led to the decision to close.

Confirmed E. Coli Poisoning Incident

A confirmed case of poisoning due to E. coli bacteria was the basis for the administrative closure decision, according to the authorities. A white bean salad with meat that was tainted with E. coli germs was part of the dinner that the victims ate. Because of the extreme danger to public health, the Abu Dhabi Food and Agriculture Safety Authority moved quickly to address the situation.

Closure Duration and Corrective Measures

The administrative closure order will persist until the facility rectifies the violations and fulfills all necessary requirements to guarantee the health and safety of its food offerings.

The Authority emphasized that these closure decisions and the identification of observed violations align with inspection efforts aimed at fortifying the food safety system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It underscores the supervisory role in ensuring the commitment of all establishments to rigorous food safety standards.

Periodic inspections for compliance

The Authority clarified that all establishments, irrespective of their nature and food products, undergo regular inspections by its inspectors to verify compliance with food safety requirements. This proactive approach is fundamental to maintaining and upholding the highest standards of food safety across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Public Call to Action

In a plea to the public, the Authority urged individuals to report any observed violations in food facilities or express doubts about the contents of a food item. Concerned citizens can contact the Abu Dhabi Government at the toll-free number 800555. This prompt reporting facilitates the necessary actions by the Authority's inspectors, reinforcing the collective effort to ensure safe and wholesome food for all members of society in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The administrative closure decision serves as a stern reminder of the stringent measures in place to safeguard public health and underscores the commitment of regulatory bodies to maintaining a robust food safety system in the region.

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