Exemption from Late Fines on Emirates ID Card: A Comprehensive Guide

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has introduced a mechanism to exempt three specific categories from late fees related to the Emirates ID card. This initiative aims to provide relief to individuals facing unique circumstances.

Exemption Categories

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security has implemented a new system that will prevent three groups from having to pay late fees for Emirates ID cards. Relief for individuals suffering unusual circumstances is the goal of this effort.

1. Individuals Who Left the Country:

  • Criteria: More than three months must have passed since departure, and the ID card validity must have expired after leaving the country.

2. Individuals Subject to Deportation or Seizure of Passport:

  • Criteria: ID card validity expired after deportation by order, administrative decision, judicial ruling, or passport-seized pending cases. Verification through a letter or receipt from competent authorities is required.

3. Individuals Without Issued ID Before Acquiring Citizenship:

  • Criteria: No identity card is issued before obtaining citizenship or acquiring the family book.

Requesting Exemption: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Initiate a renewal request.

  • Start the process by submitting a renewal request for the ID card through smart channels on the official website, http://icp.gov.ae, or the UAEICP smart application.

2. Check fees and late charges.

  • Review the fees due, including any late fees incurred during the validity period.

3. Submit a service request.

  • If eligible for exemption, submit the service request through the smart services system, attaching the necessary documents.

4. Track Request Progress

  • Monitor the progress of the request and receive the result, whether it's approval or rejection.

5. Complete the application

  • Upon approval, complete the application process, leading to the issuance of the renewed ID card.

Mandatory ID Card for UAE Residents: Responsibilities and Uses

1. Mandatory Requirements

  • Emirates ID cards are obligatory for all UAE residents, including citizens, Gulf Cooperation Council nationals, and expatriates. Renewal is mandatory upon expiration.

2. Responsibilities of ID Card Holders

  • Holders must carry the ID card at all times and present it upon request, adhering to legal requirements.

3. Diverse Uses of ID Cards

  • The ID card serves multiple functions, such as identity verification, accessing government services, participating in elections, acting as a travel document, facilitating airport passage through eGates, and serving as a payment method at selected banks or services.

This comprehensive guide aligns with the digital government initiatives in the UAE, promoting a streamlined process for exemption and emphasizing the crucial role of the Emirates ID card in various aspects of residents' lives.

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